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We work with a range of people - people that care about quality
Go to Fury Brewing Co

Fury Brewing Co

Brewpub in Seaworld – Shenzhen

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FuBar Brewpub

Brewpub in Shekou – Shenzhen

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E.T Brewery

Brewpub in Houhai – Shenzhen

ZhenKe Brewery

Brewpub in Minzhi – Shenzhen

Do you have a bar or restaurant where you would like to offer your customers crafted beverages?

You've found the right partner.

Move along big brands

We're not interested in mainstream, mass market, mass appeal rubbish
It started as a passion - now it's our way of life. Everyone deserves crafted beverages

We are looking out for the small guy, the passion and the energy of Brew pubs and micro-distilleries is what we love - making it our bread and butter. We're not interested in mass-produced rubbish or fancily marketed crap.

We knew that the only way to make changes in the industry, was to be the catalyst and the driving force behind that change. 

We combine our obsession with crafted quality, alongside our inside knowledge of the beverage industry and our extensive network of on-trade and F&B connections, to bring international quality, crafted beverages to the consumer in China.

  We live craft, we breath craft and of course we only ever drink craft.

  • We are working with some of the most innovative craft beers brands in Asia and the world, to bring the anti-lager movement to China

  • The gin Renaissance is here, and it's all down to artisanal crafters seeking the quality that had been missing for more than 50 years.

  • Also known as Single Malt, whisky or whisky - if it's something distilled and aged with passion before profit, then it's our thing

  • Beverages don't have to have alcohol to be our thing - craft coffee, craft tea, craft juices - they all amount to the same priciple of quality over mass production economies of scale.

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What's going on in the Crafty World, and where can you get involved